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Mobile Academy


– dance performance; new Berlin scene
27-31.08. 2006

Special dance performance program I'm OK, you're OK – 3 minimalist shows from Berlin;
deriving from conceptual background. I'm OK, you're OK – aims at confronting, directly and metaphorically, dance and the art scene. Dance can be mobile, can speak art language, can be low-budget. Dance performance is a visual art exhibiting itself on the stage.

Curated by Joanna Warsza

– solo performance by Felix Marchand, 30 min.

"I have so many Mix Tape stories it's hard to know where to begin"
Allison Anders

"My taste as a mixer tells you even more about me than my taste as a consumer already does.
No mix tape is accidental."
Matias Viegener

Quotations from "mix tape" edited by Thurston Moore

Songs are compiled in all kind of different orders for different purposes to a mix tape or a mix CD.
Through mix tapes you create objects with a unique memory, they can speak for you. The audience will select the songs and therefore creating the soundtrack of the evening.
This solo is a tribute to the mixtape where the music selection is made by the audience.

Concept/ Choreography/ Dance: Felix Marchand, Director Assistant / Dramaturgy: Ayara Hernandez,
mentor: Martin Nachbar, production: LUPITA PULPO and TANZTAGE Berlin; Premiere: TANZTAGE BERLIN 2006

I'm OK, you're OK
by Hanna Hegenscheidt, 40 min.

- What are you thinking about when you go out there?
- Just all those people and, you know, how unhappy most of them are, and all those terrible things they do to each other and, you know, everything is over so quickly and, you don't have any idea of "is it is worth it or not, you know"?
- Is there any way I can cheer you up?
- No well, what did you have in mind?
Stardust Memories

choreography: Hanna Hegenscheidt with Chris Daftsios and Angharad Davies
performance: Chris Daftsios und Angharad Davies
light design: Benjamin Schälike
costumes: all

TWO FISH "Christiane Müller is moving"
90 min. by Angela Schubot and Martin Clausen
(hit of Body_Mind festival again in Warsaw!)

TWO FISH is interested in the extent to which personality is an intersection of other personalities. Who haunts me and what does this do to me? What effect does this have on the views I develop in relation to contexts or groups of other people? What conflict appears if the rhythm or construction of my perceptions are changed by others? What kind of weapons do I use to resist such changes? Who gives them to me?

"other people have a dominant influence. Not only people you know, but also people you never met can affect the people who have an influence on you." (unused text‚ "Chistiane Müller..")

The information received in 2001, that Christiane Muller had been living in an apartment in Berlin Friedrichshain has proven false. Nor was she personally available during an study project under her auspices in 2002. Rumours of her employment at the Theater am Südwestkorso have been refuted. So where is she?
Christiane Mueller is in Europe. She is currently building a new existence for herself.
Christiane Mueller is moving house.

"I think: From now on, I'll just do the good things. And then I say to myself: Congratulations! You've made it."

Choreography and production: Angela Schubot i Martin Clausen, dancers: Javier Alemán Morillo, Silvana Suarez Cedeno, Thomas Conway, Hanna Hegenscheidt, Angela Schubot,
lightdesign: Benjamin Schälike, menager: Franziska Koehler,
production: TWO FISH oraz Sophiensaele/Berlin, TANZTAGE BERLIN,
cooproduction: Forum Freies Theater Düsseldorf i Junges Theater Bremen,
supported by: Hauptstadtkulturfonds

Info: Joanna Warsza hkhk@tlen.pl +48 502 217 992 or + 48 695 628 372
tickets on sale from 21st of August, 10-20 zl