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Bonasai Kittens
25 August 2006 at the villa


Generally at home in house parties and small upstairs rooms, the Yamaha QY20-toting female duo have been a hidden treasure of Leeds music since the summer of 2003, playfully exploring a range of musical genres from 50s bubble-gum-pop to electro-power metal. They don’t do the "Sign us we're desperate!" thing, but they do write and perform songs which make you laugh and clap and force you to consider the possibilities of dancing in your pyjamas. Fine cabaret pop from England!

New album release party
29 August 2006 at the villa


The band - Raphael Rogiński - electric guitar, Paweł Szamburski - clarinet, Kuba Kossak - bassoon, Piotr Kaliński - percussion instruments, Adam Różański - percussion instruments - works in the field of improvised, jewish music from eastern Europe. The musicians interpret traditional pieces from the interwar period as well as compose new works. Their repertoire is always based on musicological and sociological studies.
Cukunft first recorded with the music of Mordechaj Gebirtig released in February 2005. Now they are working on the second one which will be released in August 2006.

1 September 2006 at villa

Established in 2004 Super Group of four guys (Nygg Dick, Dick Dexter, Bobby Dick and Wet Dick Junior) playing a mix of punk rock, disco, electro and country music. An ironic, bursting with sex show they perform on stage is a super funny game with a real macho culture such as Elvis Presley, Jon Bon Jovie or Burt Raynolds. Concerts of Dick4Dick were the hit of this season in Polish clubs and their first album "Silver Ballads" released in 2005 was received with great enthusiasm.

DJ Wiktor Skok
25 and 28 August 2006 at the villa

This name comes to mind when you’re thinking: "Lodz's underground". One of the most active scensters of the industrial community in Poland. Around since the 80's. He promotes machine culture and aesthetics from the year zero. Witnessed the decline of Lodz's industry he became a true Stakhanov of industrial culture. Promoting numbers of D.I.Y. industrial electro parties, inviting bands and artists from abroad, organising punk shows in bunkers, warehouses tunnels and old factories. He is also the singer of the most (in)famous polish industrial band JUDE, publish his own zine PLUS ULTRA. His discoteca output differs from pounding strong industrial beat, rhythmininoise, EBM to electro punk and sweet ultra danceable electroclash. An explosive in an urban decay.

DJ Kura
1 September 2006 at the villa

Dj Kura has been involved in the Warsaw music scene since June 2003. During this time he played in the most interesting clubs in the city.
He is also a co-founder, together with his partner D-jane Lo, a dj team called "Dziewczyna i chłopak" ("A girl and a boy"). This cooperation brought them popularity and description as, "the most phenomenal dj-duet of the Eastern Block". His sets come armed with an arsenal of disco classics, sound from 80's and the newest clubs productions. Dj Kura dances behind the console.