Map Trap
28.02.2004 - 1.05.2004

"Map Trap" was a project planned specifically for the unique Raster space. It is not a painting exhibition, but rather a collection of "live paintings" located in the nooks and crannies of an old apartment. The "Map Trap" protagonists are the school map of Poland and President G.W. Bush - the villain of international politics. The story interweaves thanks to a wall drawing made of fuse in a shape of huge letter "A" in cowboy shoes. When the fuse was lit, the flame circled the whole room and died down on the other side of the map of Poland. Separately from all this, the flammable puppet of G.W. Bush was lying deserted in twilight among old planks boards and gallery debris. >>

  Wilhelm Sasnal, Map Trap, 2004

  Everyday life in Poland in 1999-2001
1.06.2001 - 17.07.2001

First exhibition in Raster after it's opening. A series of paintings, whose protagonists are the artist and his closest friends and family. It is accompanied by a cartoon "Everyday life in Poland in 1999-2001", being a record of two years from artist's life - the first truly realistic book about people born in 1970's. It is a story of life's first important choices, settling down, creating a family, first political declarations and taking responsibility for one's child. The backdrop is Poland's social reality at the turn of the century.