Broniewski, 2004
oil on canvas, 190 x 180 cm

A portrait of Władysław Broniewski (1897-1962), an eminent Polish communist poet, whose biography was full of twists and turns and tragic. The painting was based on a propagandist photography from the end of the 1950's and beginning of 1960's. It depicts the poet on a backdrop of his beloved Mazovian landscape. At that time, Broniewski was at the peak of his popularity as the communist government's favorite. Also, his weakness for alcohol was being more and more visible. The painting was presented in Steadelijk Museum in Amsterdam and in Raster as a part of the "Broniewski" project.

  Wilhelm Sasnal, Broniewski, 2004

1948, 2006
oil on canvas, 65 x 80 cm

Painting presented as a part of the "Willa Warszawa" project, held in a private house, built in the late 1940's, in the Warsaw district of Ochota. It presents an anonymous interior from that time.

Wilhelm Sasnal, 1948, 2006

Map Trap, 2004
site-specific installation: wall drawing made of fuse, school map of Poland, puppet of president G.W. Bush

Project planned specifically for the unique Raster space. The "Map Trap" protagonists are the school map of Poland and President G.W. Bush - the villain of international politics. The story interweaves thanks to a wall drawing made of fuse in a shape of huge letter "A" in cowboy shoes. When the fuse was lit, the flame circled the whole room and died down on the other side of the map of Poland. Separately from all this, the flammable puppet of G.W. Bush was lying deserted in twilight among old planks boards and gallery debris.

Wilhelm Sasnal, Map Trap, 2004

Wilhelm Sasnal, Map Trap, 2004



People, Stage, Police, 2000
oil on canvas, 190 x 190 cm

A scene from The Stranglers concert, when strippers appeared on stage. It caused the police to intervene. The concert was stopped.

Wilhelm Sasnal, Ludzie, Scena, Policja, 2000

Untitled, 2001
oil on canvas, 160 x 180 cm

A pair of paintings combining two important themes in Sasnal works at that time: architecture of living quarters - living cells - and the idea of space conquest.

Wilhelm Sasnal, Untitled, 2001

Wilhelm Sasnal, Untitled, 2001

Untitled, 2000
oil on canvas, 65 x 80 cm

Mysterious black glasses from some obscure detective movie

Wilhelm Sasnal, Untitled, 2000

Posters from the future and from the past, 2003
series of 6 screen-prints, edition of 100 numbered and signed copies.

A project prepared for Raster Cheap Art Fair. A series of posters designed by Sasnal for his own exhibitions, which took place till 2003, as well as for projects that might happen in future. The posters were printed in a printing house Tarnospin in Tarnów - a company employing disabled workers, where the artist produced most of his prints and artistic books

Wilhelm Sasnal, posters


Bez tytułu, 2001
oil on canvas

Painter's self-portrait with his wife Anka.

Wilhelm Sasnal, Untitled, 2001

Bez tytułu, 2000
Series of 3 paintings, oil on canvas

A series of 3 paintings depicting floor plans of different apartments and people with whom Sasnal lived in various times of his life: 32m2 - a flat in Tarnow where he lived in his early childhood, 9 m 2 - a dorm room in Krakow, which he shared with his future wife, Anka, 64m2 - an apartment in Tarnow-Moscice, where he moved with Anka, when their son Kacper was born.

Wilhelm Sasnal, Untitled, 2000

Wilhelm Sasnal, Untitled, 2000


Everyday life in Poland in 1999-2001, 2001
book with a soundtrack on tape pp. 168, 1000 copies.

The first truly realistic book about people born in 1970's. The book is accompanied by a soundtrack tape, with songs which the protagonists of the cartoon listen too: Izrael, Kazik, Kryzys, Świetliki.


  Wilhelm Sasnal, komiks, 2001

Wilhelm Sasnal, komiks "Zycie codzienne w Polsce..."