Death of Partisan
26.02.2007 - 2.04.2007

"Death of Partisan" is a series of paintings by Zbigniew Rogalski - an artist who became known as a trained specialist in interweaving the reality with the painterly fiction. While in his earlier works he was exposing the obsessions associated with painter's life, tracking fleeting images and reflections of thought (series of paintings with steamed-up mirrors and windows) or momentary states of zero-g, now he takes us to the very edge of consciousness. Six paintings depict a moment in which the contours of reality are beginning to blur - the moment the partisan dies. Owing to an unusual point of view employed by the painting it is us who, while standing before the painting, become the title character.



Selfportrait under the canvas
4.10.2003 - 29.10.2003

In his paintings, Rogalski almost ostensibly reveals the dilemmas of contemporary painter: that nobody knows where covering the canvas with paint can lead to, that the studios are often haunted, that one can never be sure of what the mind and the eyes see, because everything might just as well be an optical illusion. So why does painting and looking at paintings still bring pleasure, and why does it still have sense? A part of the answer is brought by subsequent paintings, which record the short-lived, fleeting states of emotion or matter: the word "BJORK" written on a steamed-up mirror, skulls floating over an insomniac or a self-portrait, where small fragments splinter from the painter's body. Rogalski introduces emotional states to the world of real image - states which previously did not have their visual counterparts. He tries to depict the specific, contemporary experience of the world: restless, fleeting and less and less obvious.



On the silver globe
22.10.2001 - 23.11.2001
In cooperation with Hubert Czerepok as the MAGISTERS duet

Several color photos and a movie present young people struggling alone with adversities and absurdities of matter. The people on the photographs try to change the surrounding world in the simplest ways possible: they try to roll boulders, uproot trees, move walls. They manifest their they opposition to the binding standards by lying across the pavement reading a newspaper. At the same time they reveal their weakness by loosing their way in incredibly exuberant foliage or falling asleep sitting on a narrow ledge over a radiator