Closer, 2006

Series of 3 paintings - intimate portraits. Faces lying on pillows, are depicted from too close distance - images double, facial features lose their individuality, leaving the question of gender open.

  Zbigniew Rogalski, Closer (autoportret), 2006
Closer (self-portrait), 2006, oil on canvas, 180 x 120 cm
Zbigniew Rogalski, Closer (autoportret), 2006
Closer (boy), 2006, oil on canvas, 180 x 120 cm; Closer (girl), 2006, oil on canvas, 180 x 120 cm

Private Spring (2), 2005
oil on canvas, 120 x 170 cm

(Self)reflective attempt at a contemporary landscape painting. In the photograph, included in the passé-partout, one can see a refection of the artist's studio.

Zbigniew Rogalski, Private Spring (2), 2005


Funeral portraits, 2005

Contemporary vanitas. The inspiration for this series of paintings was the image reflected on the surface of the porcelain funeral photographs. Individual paintings are portraits of young deceased women, whose graves Rogalski photographed during a visit to one of the Warsaw's cemeteries.


Zbigniew Rogalski, Funeral portraits: Wanda Błońska, 2005
Funeral portraits: Wanda Blonska, 2005, oil on canvas, 120 x 120 cm


Crash Position (1), 2007
oil on canvas, 140 x 140 cm

Painting about flying and the experiences connected with it - the person floats under the ceiling like a balloon, being hunched in a position recommended during an emergency landing.

Zbigniew Rogalski, Crash Position (1), 2007

Untitled (Wings 1-4), 2007
Series of 4 photographs, C-print, aluminum, plexi, 160 x 160 cm

Large-scale studio photographs of miniature birds' wings, inspired by the thematically analogous series of watercolors by Albrecht Durer. An attempt to depict the elaborate and delicate build of birds' feathers with the highest degree of precision, which cannot be achieved trough painterly means and techniques. This project was prepared for the artist's individual show at Almine Rech Gallery in Paris (2007), which was devoted to various experiences of flying.

Zbigniew Rogalski, Bez tytułu (Skrzydła 1-4), 2007


PProjection (1), 2006
oil on cardboard, 16 panels, 240 x 360 cm, 2 cardboard objects: 101 x 30 x 23 cm + 8 x 30 x 21 cm
projekt zrealizowany wspólnie z Michałem Budnym

Refined multi-level project concerned with the visionariness of art, it's illusions and material dimension. An "Unplugged" video projection: a cardboard model of a projector "projects" the images on a screen, which is in fact a painted image of a video projection. The painting depicts abstract constructs made of cardboard and household utilities, which create an utopian architectural model composed by the artists - a subjective projection of the future Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.

Michal Budny & Zbigniew Rogalski, Projection, 2006
Michal Budny & Zbigniew Rogalski, Projection (1), 2006
Projekcja [1], 2006, widok ekspozycji w Muzeum Sztuki w Łodzi w ramach wystawy "Muzeum jako świetlany przedmiot pożądania "

Together (3), 2004
oil on canvas, 150 x 120 cm

Painting from a longer series presented at artist's first individual exhibition in griedervonputtkamer gallery in Berlin. The main heroin of this series - even if not always fully visible on the painting - is the painter's partner, Karolina.

Zbigniew Rogalski, Together (3), 2004

Untitled, 2004
oil on canvas, 115 x 150 cm

Painting alluding to the "Together" series. While painting, Rogalski used his own studio photographs and paper shapes which he employed in them - in this case the shape of an exhaust cloud.

Zbigniew Rogalski, Untitled, 2004


Untitled (Gagarin), 2003
oil on canvas, 50 x 70 cm

Work from the "Heroes" series, where the names of musicians, painters, philosophers and astronauts appeared written with a finger on a steamed-up glass pane.

Zbigniew Rogalski, Untitled (Gagarin), 2003


Untitled (Jealousy), 2004
oil on canvas, 140 x 100 cm

Painting from a series alluding to Rogalski's favorite works of modern and contemporary art - here, in the background of the word "jealousy" one can see Yves Klein's "Leap into the Void".

Zbigniew Rogalski, Untitled (Jealousy), 2004

About my neighbour's death, 2003
oil on canvas, 150 x 160

A painting inspired by a real event - the death of the author's neighbour. The body of the deceased was found a few days after the death, in an apartment adjacent to Rogalski's studio and apartment.

Zbigniew Rogalski, O śmierci sąsiada, 2003

Untitled, 2000
acrylic on canvas, 50 x 50 cm

Zbyszek Rogalski (left), in Jackson Pollock's studio helps an American painter with his next painting.

Zbigniew Rogalski, Untitled, 2000