Structures of Good
27.05.2006 - 8.07.2006

The title of the exhibition was taken from a sermon preached by an influential Polish clergyman Father Rydzyk. The slogan was taken up by the painter as both a political and artistic challenge - everyone should engage in the creation of the structures of good. The works presented at the exhibition are an attempt at comparing the "Polish icons", images bearing clearly positive associations, characterized by the "purity of blood" and present in our culture in a variety of ways. And so we have a young Polish Mountain Man in a traditional outfit, an immigrant (portrait of Frederic Chopin), a thoroughbred horse and a figure of the Sorrowful Christ. Maciejowski take advantage of the fact that those images are still "up to date", and juxtaposes them with images from the contemporary politics: we see a a protest march held "against tolerance", and a monumental image of the Polish parliament building.



I try to protect children from seeing such scenes
5.09.2001 - 19.10.2001

Maciejowski created frescoes on the gallery walls depicting the worst and the most cruel ills that afflicting the family and society. Subsequent scenes form a model narrative of a "bad existence" - from birth, through "difficult childhood" and unsuccessful marriage, to sentence and prison. Marcin says: "The "Logos" speak of positive examples and those paintings should be the most popular ones, while this exhibition gives voice to my disillusionment with the "logos". I paint their opposites, the examples that should not be followed. Those pictures should be painted over again or should have never been painted." As the exhibition ended all frescoer were painted over.