Data source, 2006
painted cardboard, 29 elements in various dimensions

The piece was prepared for the exhibition "Manipulations: on economies of deceit" (curated by Adam Budak) and is a spatial visualization of an abstract bar chart such as those often encountered in the financial columns of contemporary newspapers.

photographs from the exhibition "Manipulations: On economies of deceit", Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw


  Michal Budny - Data source, 2006
Michal Budny - Data source, 2006

Untitled (Border), 2006
paper, 200 x 200 cm

Lying loosely on the gallery floor, the paper shapes forming an outline of Poland open up letting some fresh air in. The work was prepared for the exhibition "In Poland, that is where" at the Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw. Its British version was presented at a group show in the Hollybush Gardens Gallery, London, 2007.

Michal Budny - Untitled - 2006

Untitled (Playground composition), 2007
painted plywood, 200 x 300 x 110 cm

The piece was prepared for the show "Concrete legacy: from Le Corbusier to the homeboys" at the Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw. The artist explained its origin in the following way: "While considering the construction of the piece, its appearance, I was looking for features of objects that can be encountered in the urban block environment, this is how I have come up with a combination of an exterior with an interior and constructed a sculpture having the features of a furniture, a clothes-horse, and a children's slide from a playground."

Michal Budny - Untitled - 2006

Music, 2006-2007
series of 8 cardboard sculptures, painted elements, various dimensions

The works were inspired by shapes of musical instruments such as gramophone, chords, but also sound waves - they refer to the long tradition of visualizing music in plastic arts that led to the birth of abstraction.

Michal Budny - Music - 2006-2007
Music 1 (Concert), 2006, cardboard, 37 x 41 x 41 cm

Michal Budny - Music - 2006
Music 2 (Instrument), 2006, cardboard, 15 x 50 x 40 cm

Michal Budny - Music - 2006
Music 4 (Instrument), 2006, painted cardboard, 31 x 46 x 40 cm
Music 5 (Drums), 2006, painted cardboard, 24 x 40 x 39 cm

Crumpled letters, 2003
old paper and cardboard, 9 elements in various dimensions

Series of polyhedrons, "sculpted" with bookbinder's precision, which form an image of crumpled sheets of paper with unfinished letters scattered across the floor.  

Michał Budny, Crumpled Letters, 2003


Cactuses, 2004
cardboard, corrugated cardboard, 2 objects: 28 x 30 x 56 cm, 63 x 20 x 54 cm

The piece was prepared for the exhibition "Prym" curated by the Foksal Gallery Foundation in BWA gallery in Zielona Gora. The vantage point for the exhibition was an abstract decorative relief from the Sixties on the façade of the BWA. "Cactuses" have been glued from various elements replicating the geometrical shapes of those forming the relief.

Elewacja BWA w Zielonej Gorze
front elevation of BWA gallery in Zielona Gora
Michał Budny, Cactuses, 2004

Michał Budny, Cactuses, 2004

Books, 2003
painted cardboard, scotch tape, 10 elements in various dimensions

Fragment of an abstract library. The work was exhibited at Budny's debut show in Raster, and is currently in the collection of a renowned Polish artist.

Michał Budny, Books, 2003

Announcements, 2002-2004
series of works on cardboard, various types of paper, painted paper, scotch tape

One of the first series of works by Budny - small ads the contents of which have faded. Through the use of scotch tape, the process of rapid aging has been as if genetically inscribed in the works. Thus, they turn into gradually disappearing trace of human communication. One of the works in the series was prepared for and reproduced as an abstract advertisement of "Lampa" monthly (4/5, 2004).

Praca "Ogłoszenia" wydrukowana na stronie reklamowej w miesieczniku "Lampa" (nr 4/5, 2004)
Work "Announcements" printed on advertising page of "Lampa" monthly (4/5, 2004)

Michał Budny, Announcements, 2002-2003
Announcements, 2003, cardboard and paper, painted elements, scotch tape, 140 x 200 cm

Air, 2003
painted cardboard, scotch tape, 17 elements, dimensions when assembled: 17 x 32 x 33 cm

Three-dimensional jigsaw which is an account of a long-distance relationship. Blue and red elements are models of homes, grey elements - the air that surrounds them. In reality, the buildings are separated by hundreds of thousands of kilometers, one of them is a Warsaw block of flats, the other one a New York city tenement house. They are separated by solids of air, but linked by the friendship between the artist and his colleague, people who - in spite of their intensive correspondence - have never met in person.

Michał Budny, Air, 2003