Invitation, 2006
acrylic on canvas, 162 x 114 cm

The theme of motherhood appears regularly - and more or less literally - in Bogacka's works.
In the "Invitation", the person seen in the front is Endo - Agata Nowicka, a well-known graphic artist and illustrator. Her slightly open mouth leads to the other side of the painting - the artist has cut out an opening in the canvas.
  Agata Bogacka - Zaproszenie, 2006, akryl na p³ótnie, 162 x 114 cm

Heart, 2007
series of 5 drawings, ink and acrylic on paper, 33 x 33 cm each

The series was inspired by a golden heart-shaped necklace worn by the artist. The drawings are an attempt at capturing her own reflection as seen on its surface.
Works from this series are in the collection of Warminsko-Mazurskie Towarzystwo Zachety Sztuk Pieknych in Olsztyn.

Agata Bogacka - Serce, 2007, seria  5 rysunkow, tusz i akryl na papierze, 33 x 33 cm ka¿dy


Stay here (1), 2006
acrylic on canvas, 180 x 160 cm

Multilayered, theatrical composition pulling the viewer into an unclear narrative seen through a curtain of hair. The painting refers to the furtive glance and the idea of constructing one's own, private spaces.

The painting is in the collection of Podlaskie Towarzystwo Zachety Sztuk Pieknych, Bialystok.

  Agata Bogacka - Zostac  tu (1), 2006, akryl  na plotnie, 180 x 160 cm

Home, 2006
acrylic on canvas, 125 x 150 cm

One of a series of paintings where the composition is framed by the artist's body shape. "Home" bears also a deeper meaning, relating to family. The central scene was based on a photographs depicting the artist's mom with her nephew who is climbing a tree.

Agata Bogacka - Dom, 2006, akryl na p³ótnie, 125 x 150 cm

Endo, 2006
varnish on laminated board, 62 x 29 cm

One of a few small-sized paintings by Bogacka. The characteristic motif of hair forming an unnatural pattern can also be seen in other works. Here, hair turns into a peculiar curtain, isolating the parson from the surroundings and shaping the view. The title Endo is Agata Nowicka a well-known graphic artist and illustrator.

  Agata Bogacka - Endo, 2006, lakier na plycie pilsniowej, 62 x 29 cm

Agata, 2005
acrylic on canvas, 114 x 162 cm

Self-portrait with an astronaut - one of Bogacka's first attempts at constructing a narrative based on multilayered, loose associations. The painting refers to Kubrick's "2001: A space odyssey". It is worth mentioning that the artist's grandfather was Jerzy ¯ulawski - author of a classic sci-fi book trilogy "On the silver globe".

Agata Bogacka - Agata, 2005, akryl na plotnie, 114 x 162 cm

Leichte Arbeit 1-5, 2004

acrylic on canvas, [5x] 146 x 116 cm

Series of 5 paintings created for the exhibition "Leichte Arbeit" organized by Raster within the framework of Terra Polska Festival in Berlin in summer 2004. The title of the series should be treated with irony - as a matter of fact Bogacka's paintings take very long to complete, and their smooth facture is misleading. A number of painstakingly prepared details appears here again: drawing in pencil or paint which changes color depending on the position of light source.

Agata Bogacka - Lekka praca 1-5, 2004, akryl na plotnie, [5x] 146 x 116 cm

Nothing, 2003
acrylic on canvas, 140 x 120 cm

Painting presented at the exhibition "The shortest way home" in Raster, in January 2004. First in the series of paintings in which Bogacka moves away from the real towards painterly deformation. A secession-like air of this piece provides a good signpost of more and more dense Freudian atmosphere in Bogacka's work.

Agata Bogacka - Nic, 2003, akryl na p³ótnie, 140 x 120 cm

Indeed, the young ones are realists, 2003
acrylic on canvas, 130 x 130 cm

The painting was created for the exhibition under the same title organized by the Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw. Bogacka reveals an extremely important aspect of her painterly practice - the exceptional dimension of realism in the form of voyeurism and the voyeuristic gaze.


Photographs, 2004-2006

Made by the artist, the photographs served initially as a study material and basis for paintings. Since not long ago however, the photos have started to form an individual whole, not connected with the painting. Alluding to the convention of home-made snapshots and the poetics of an intimate photo-journal, the pictures record situations more or less staged by the artist. Small, private allegories of various emotional states.

Cos, 2004, c-print, 24 x 30 cm
Something, 2004, c-print, 24 x 30 cm

Ucieczka, 2006, c-print, 24 x 30 cm
Escape, 2006, c-print, 24 x 30 cm