Agata Bogacka
1976 born in Warsaw
1996-2001 studies at the Graphic Arts Department of the Warsaw Fine Arts Academy
Lives in Warsaw.

Agata Bogacka is primarily a painter, but she also makes drawings and photographs. Her art is a highly determined attempt at assembling a personalized world on the basis of a distinct, well recognizable formal language. The lyrical subject of her paintings is the artist herself - a young woman who is carefully examining herself and establishes relations with others. The distance, both in the physical and psychological sense - as proximity or loneliness - is one of the key dimensions of her painting. Bogacka's paintings consequently use smooth backgrounds, and so they are deprived of the illusionist spatial depth. Therefore, they are fundamentally focused on the relations between the figures and the objects. Bogacka created one of the most distinct and authentic visions of intimate life in Polish contemporary art. Her works capture both the urban loneliness, whose prop is the cell phone, and the intense, dreamy pink; voyeurism, her own reflections in the mirror and the happy lovers of the same sex.
  Agata Bogacka


Solo exhibitions:

- Second Half of Heart, Potocka Gallery, Cracow, PL

- Heart, Raster, Warsaw, PL

- Did you love me?, Galerie Meyer Kainer, Vienna, A
- TR, Warsaw, PL (wallpainting - permanent installation)

- Espace Croisé, Centre d'art contemporain, Roubaix, F
- The shortest way home, Raster, Warsaw, PL

- I'm bleeding, Center for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, PL
- Komm mit mir, Polnisches Institut, Berlin, D
- Art of beautiful artists (with Anna Baumgart), Independent city space, Warsaw, PL




Selected group exhibitions:


Wenus Polska A.D. 2008, Miesiac Fotografii, Carcow, PL

- Fotografia w rozszerzonym polu. Artystyczne i społeczne użycia fotografii w Polsce, Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, PL


- Druga odsłona. Kolekcja Galerii Arsenał w Białymstoku i Podlaskiego Tow. Zachęty Sztuk Pięnych, GCK, Galeria Sektor I, Katowice, PL
- Woman about woman, Bielska BWA gallery, Bielsko Biała, PL
- Re(ko)nesans malarstwa, Gornoslaskie Centrum Kultury, Katowice, PL

- Polish Painting of the 21st century, Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, PL
- Welcome to the Media, Dunikowski Museum, Warsaw, PL
- Is it better to be a good artist or a good person?, Raster at Rental Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
- Gut und billig. Aktuelle polnische Malerei aus der Sammlung Cyganek, Museum Junge Kunst, Frakfurt/Oder, D

- Egocentric, Immoral, Outmoded..., Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, PL
- Painting - Cold Medium, Piekary Gallery, Poznan, PL
- Piekno, czyli efekty malarskie, BWA Awangarda Gallery, Wroclaw; BWA Gallery,Zielona Gora, PL

- Piekno, czyli efekty malarskie, BWA Bielska Gallery, Bielsko-Biala, PL
- Randka w ciemno / Cita Ciegas / Blind Date, Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, PL
- Distances?, Le Plateau, Paris, F
- At home, The Letterkenny Arts Centre, Letterkenny, IRL
- Die leichte Arbeit, Kultur Brauerei, Berlin, D

- Sketchbook, Raster, Warsaw, PL
- Pretty Communication, Priestor Gallery, Bratislava, PL
- 5th Polish Young Artists' Show, BWA Awangarda Gallery, Wroclaw, PL

- Indeed the young ones are realists, Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, PL
- Rowelucja, Raster, Warsaw, PL
- Junge Kunst aus Polen, Galerie der Marktgemeinde St.Johan, A
- Block of flats. Neighborhood. Apartment, Galeria Działan, Warsaw, PL